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Here at Cure we strive to provide you with an exceptional quality of care across all our services which range from, physiotherapy, ergonomics and more. All therapy services are carried out by experienced and fully trained experts. To see our full range of therapy services please click on the link below.

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Our therapists boast of 100 years of combined experience

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Cure In Home Physiotherapy

Cure: In-Home Physiotherapy Edmonton

Cure is a locally owned physiotherapy Edmonton practice dedicated to restoring our community's health, relieving your pain, and helping you recover faster. Whether you need sports physiotherapy, pelvic health advice, chiropractic services, in-home massage therapy, or something else entirely, Cure is the leading provider you've been searching for. Find out what we have to offer below.

At-Home Physical Therapy Recovery in Edmonton, AB

You shouldn't have to work hard to access the physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB you need. So, we bring our skilled, registered therapists and their advanced equipment to your home. Cure's commitment to your comfort has ensured we're the top service provider in west Edmonton. You can expect every physiotherapist here to go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Concussion Management

Edmonton AB concussion therapy is an excellent tool to support traumatic brain injury recovery. You'll work with a physiotherapist from one of the area's highest-rated physio clinics who will accurately assess the severity of your trauma. Then, they'll compile a physiotherapy treatment plan to soothe your symptoms. Our direct billing protocol ensures all therapy and concussion treatment is easily accessible for everybody in the Edmonton AB area. We'll check your insurance or benefit plan to see if it covers our services.

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Dry Needling

Edmonton AB dry needling can solve everything from neck pain to shoulder pain to muscle spasms to tendinitis. Our highest-rated physio clinic practitioners insert sterile needles into the skin to decrease tension, enhance mobility, and relieve pain. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't the same as traditional acupuncture. Instead, it's based on modern, Western musculoskeletal and neuromuscular studies. Following a thorough assessment of your condition, we'll decide whether dry needling is the best treatment. After all, our Edmonton physiotherapists pride themselves on offering a tailored, comprehensive approach to treatment plans, ensuring success for all our patients.

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Cure In-Home Physiotherapy Edmonton: Helping You Leave Pain Behind

Don't let pain get in the way any longer. Our research-based, experience-backed physiotherapy has the power to restore your quality of life. Give our highest-rated physio clinic a call or book an appointment online today. There's no need to wait for a referral. Become healthier, active, and stronger right now!

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Our vestibular rehab physiotherapists offer the best, most beneficial services in the area. Vestibular technical treatments rebalance your equilibrium, ridding you of dizziness and debilitating vertigo. Balance disorders can disrupt your quality of life, making it difficult to perform daily tasks. So, physiotherapy in Edmonton helps you regain your footing and take control once again. Some chronic conditions we treat with vestibular rehabilitation are: · Meniere's disease · Stroke · Vestibular neuritis · Migraines · Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo Wondering if we can help you? Contact our team today to book an assessment.

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Parkinson's Management

Our Parkinson's management regimes aim to help you reduce the symptoms' impact on your day-to-day life. Through a series of physiotherapy and specialized treatments, we'll work at your pace to alleviate stiffness, soreness, shaking, and more. Attending ongoing sessions with our professional health staff helps you positively adjust to this new way of living.

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Physiotherapy Edmonton

Cure's in-home physiotherapy Edmonton always puts you first. Our expert physical therapy provides unmatchable pain relief, allowing you to regain your optimal quality of life. Physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB, can cure both short- and long-term pain, thanks to our better understanding of our patients, their need for a comfortable environment, and the human body.

At-Home Physical Therapy That Puts You First

We know you're busy. So, we bring the best physiotherapy Edmonton straight to your door. We've found that without adding travel stressors to your physical therapy appointment, our patients gain optimal results and faster recovery. Why not allow yourself to experience our physiotherapy Edmonton magic?

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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Are you concerned about recovery after your upcoming surgery? Or perhaps you've already had the surgery, and you're unsure whether you'll bounce back? You're in the perfect place. Our post-surgical rehab program puts you in the hands of expert Edmonton physiotherapists, who will devise a plan that suits your needs, maximizes your outcomes, and helps you regain your life. By contacting our physiotherapy clinic today, we can help you achieve optimal results from post-surgical recovery. Even if you're yet to have the surgery, it's never too early to implement an action plan!

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How Cure Helps You?

Here at Cure, we always keep you at the forefront of our minds. You can expect nothing but the best from our outstanding customer service and manual therapy practices. Our in-home treatments are designed to aid recovery speed and effectiveness. We don't expect you to make the trip to our practice. Instead, book an at-home session, and we'll bring the relaxing, pain-relieving experience to your door. Through extensive training, our staff have gained an in-depth understanding of the benefits of western and eastern treatments, ensuring we provide everything from customized orthotics to traditional acupuncture.

Suction Cupping Manual Therapy

Cure physiotherapists are the suction cupping therapy treatment specialists in west Edmonton. This recovery method has been around for centuries. Our licensed physiotherapist places cups directly onto your skin, creating a vacuum. After a while, they'll remove the cups and perform a simple massage to lift and separate the tissue.

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Our Massage Therapy Techniques

Depending on your needs, our professional staff offers one of the following massage treatments: Swedish Massage Stiff and tense muscles? Our Swedish massage therapy increases blood flow to aid fluid drainage and return your muscles to their former supple glory. Deep Tissue Massage We access the deepest parts of your muscles to elicit looseness and eliminate pain. Myofascial Release A unique type of fascial massage, we create room for your trapped tissues, promoting blood flow and unbelievable relief. You don't need a referral to access our Edmonton massage therapy. Give us a call or book a session to kick start your physical therapy journey.

Our Cupping Techniques

Here at Cure, our physiotherapy specialists use three cupping techniques based on the treatment you need: Longitudinal It's the most common type of cupping physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB. More often than not, we recommend it to those with a sports injury. Cross Fibre We'll use the cross fibre method to break the tissue build-up if your tissue is scarred. Circular Before the session ends, we use circular motions to ensure we cover all areas.

Car Accident Injury Management

There's no telling how a car accident will affect you. The damage sustained is incredibly varied, and thus, so is our approach to your physical therapy Edmonton treatment. Whether you have whiplash or signs of concussion following an accident, our physical therapists can find the root cause and establish a optimal physiotherapy regime.

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Stroke Management

Our customized stroke management plans often combine Edmonton physical therapy with a gentle exercise prescription to help you relearn functions and skills lost during a stroke. Following a series of focused, repetitive movements, we offer physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB, that truly makes a difference. Just get in touch to see how we can transform your life.

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Neurological Disorder Management

Neurological disorders, whether sustained from an injury, car accident, or illness, require a customized rehabilitation and management plan. Thankfully, we're one of the best physiotherapy providers in Edmonton, AB, for enabling patients to reach their health objectives! We personalize your plans based on targets for mobility, memory, dressing, eating, communicating, and comprehending. Then, the area's leading industry professionals implement it to guarantee top-quality care.

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Advanced Sports Physiotherapy

Our sports injury clinic isn't about providing a one-size-fits-all approach. In Edmonton, AB, we tailor your sports physiotherapy to ensure fast injury recovery and rapid pain relief. We leverage our extensive exercise therapy know-how to analyze your range of motion, strength, and gait to discover which areas require improvement from sports physiotherapy. Depending on your particular sports injury, we implement a range of advanced physiotherapy techniques like dry needling, massage, and more, to ensure your body is fighting fit in no time.

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Work-Related Injuries Treatment

Alongside the physical pain, work-related injuries cause financial and emotional distress. Taking time off to heal isn't most people's idea of a good time. But Cure's highly trained manual therapy staff in Edmonton, AB, can help get your life back on track as soon as possible. Physiotherapy Edmonton is a safe and entirely non-invasive way to help people of all ages suffering from work-related injuries. Our treatments provide mobility improvement, pain relief, and injury healing from a variety of common work injuries, including: · Carpal tunnel syndrome · Tendinitis · Sprains and strains · Back pain · Vehicular accidents We supply our injured workers treatments with your workers compensation board to ensure a truly beneficial process.

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In-Home Massage Therapy

Our Edmonton physiotherapists are well-versed in providing high-quality massage therapy in the comfort of your very own home. Just lie back, relax, and experience the sweet bliss of pain relief.

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Worried About Payment? We Use Direct Billing!

Unlike other physiotherapy practices, we use direct billing to lessen our patient's financial burdens. We'll send our bill straight to your coverage provider. Therefore, you don't have the hassle of filing a claim. Although be mindful of your policy specifics. If some of our services aren't covered, you're responsible for paying. When you book your Edmonton, AB consultation, we can give you more information about our direct billing procedures to clear any concerns

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