Whiplash Physiotherapy & Car Accident Injury Mgmt

Whiplash Physiotherapy & Car Accident Injury Management

Do you have Whiplash Injury or Concussion Treatment after MVA in South Edmonton/West Edmonton? Cure provides some of the best treatment for whiplash injury in Edmonton, along with other rehab services to get you moving again after a vehicle accident.

Increasing Odds of Being in a Vehicle Accident in Edmonton

According to the City of Edmonton, motor vehicle accidents are trending upwards (between 2016 and 2017 data). Simply put, your odds of being in a motor vehicle accident and needing concussion management or whiplash treatment in Edmonton are increasing.

Common Non-Fatal Injuries from Vehicle Accidents

Although you can get it from any activity that causes your head to jerk back suddenly and unnaturally, whiplash is most commonly associated with vehicle accidents. This is because the average human can walk at a pace of 3-6 kilometers per hour. In a vehicle, you are traveling at speeds of 30-110 kilometers per hour. During a collision, you and the vehicle come to an abrupt stop. The vehicle has crumple zones. The human body does not.

The immediate change in velocity causes internal injuries such as whiplash (neck strain), concussions (the brain bounces off the skull), and soft tissue damage (which can affect tissue, organs, skin, and in extreme cases even have an impact on your bones). Not everyone feels the effects of a car accident right away. It’s very common for the symptoms to manifest themselves days or even weeks after the accident. This is why it is very important to never accept cash from the party at fault to “make the issue go away,” or “to avoid going through insurance.” What seems like a minor accident could lead to serious head or tissue trauma and require our direct-billing services for treatment.

Physiotherapy for Vehicle Accident Injuries

Internal injuries from a vehicle accident are quite varied, and therefore; so are our treatments. We assess if you need concussion management, whiplash treatment, or rehab on torn muscles or stretched joints. Our treatments are gentle on these affected areas, promoting healing while easing the pain and discomfort that come with soft tissue damage and neck strain.

How do I know if I have a concussion?

Signs of a concussion include but are not limited to confusion, memory loss, nausea, insomnia, headaches, feeling “off” or tired and sluggish, feeling foggy, loss of concentration, and blurred vision. Concussions are very serious, and you should be taken to the emergency room (do not drive yourself) if you are experiencing symptoms like these. Follow up your emergency treatment with our concussion rehab in south Edmonton to ease the pain and promote faster healing.

How do I know if I have whiplash?

You will need whiplash treatment in Edmonton if you experience neck pain and stiffness, pain between your shoulder blades, concussion symptoms (which can manifest in conjunction with whiplash), and difficulty turning your head. Whiplash is very serious and compromises your quality of life. Seeking treatment as quickly as possible is paramount.

How long will I need physiotherapy after my accident?

Your whiplash physiotherapy plan depends on the severity of your injuries and your personal response to pain and treatment. We always endeavor to have you fully active and mobile as quickly as possible, while never compromising your long-term health or pushing you past your tolerance. ProActive will design a course of treatment based on the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol Regulation. Based on the plan we can help you manage and treat your symptoms in our office, and with some movements, you can do at home.

What is WAD?

WAD stands for whiplash-associated disorder and is a cumulation of symptoms you may feel right away, or in the days following the accident. These symptoms include neck pain but may also extend to fractures, dislocations, weakness throughout the body, compromised reflexes, fatigue, insomnia, etc.  Cure for whiplash also improves the pain and discomfort of WAD.

Can we direct bill for whiplash or car accident physiotherapy?

Yes. ProActive provides the comfort of direct billing to the majority of car insurance companies so you do not have to worry. We also help with the hefty paperwork to start your car accident injury claim and can submit paperwork to your car insurance on your behalf.

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